Weed Control

The first summer rains is always a welcome relief for us, however what follows is not welcome ...

WEEDS !!!  WEEDS!!!  and more WEEDS!!!

These unwelcome plants can be managed in a number of ways:

  • Mechanical control  -  manual removal by hand and or garden tools
  • Selective Chemical control  -  (Herbicides are specially formulated for the treatment of lawns)
  • Non-Selective Chemical control  -  (Herbicides with target and kill off all plants)
  • Post-emergence Chemical control  -   (when the weeds are already visible and or established)
  • Pre-emergence  Chemical control  -   (prior to weeds becoming noticeable)

Our Services Include :

  • Once off treatment applications.
  • Specialized preventative applications.
  • Supply of Herbicidal control products