Water Filtration

Water Filtration systems involve single or multi-stage filtration and purification units connected to your water supply to remove unwanted particles, harmful chemicals, microbes & other soluble elements.

We offer various filtration options each with their own unique benefits. 

Each Stage of filtration system is designed for the specialized filtration of the following:

  • Sediment - Larger particles like sand, silt, dirt, dust, algae & rust)
  • GAC (Granular Activated Charcoal cartridge) - Removes chlorine & other carcinogenic by-products, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic chemical, kills bacteria while improving taste, colour and odour of water
  • GTO (Carbon Block Filter) - further filters and traps the chemical & organic compounds as well as microbes killed by the GAC cartridge
  • UV (Ultra Violet Light) Sterilizes water by exposing it to UV light, a simple but effective way of destroying 99.99% of harmful microorganisms (bacteria, protozoa and spores) without adding any chemicals to water.
  • Lime-scale (Siliphos Filter) - this stage helps to prevent lime-scale build-up on bathroom sanitary ware, kitchen appliances & geysers. Lime-scale filters are a zero waste and affordable solution when making use of borehole water or municipal water with a high calcium (lime) content.

Filtration systems can be connected to:

  • Main water supply  -  filtering all your municipal / borehole water
  • Back up water storage units  -  filtering your stored water supply
  • Drinking water  -  filtering only your drinking water.


Our services include:

  • Installation of Water Filtration systems.
  • Supply & Installation of replacement filters.
  • Maintenance of filtration systems.
  • Upgrades to existing systems.