Water Features

A water feature is the use of water in decorative manner to enhance and elevate your landscape, home or office space.

Many factors need to be taken into account when considering a water feature:

  • Water source - borehole water is not recommended due to lime-scale unless filtered properly
  • Sunlight - full sun conditions promote the growth of algae and increase water evaporation rate.
  • Air circulation - adequate air circulation is required to prevent mold.
  • Circulation - adequate water circulation helps slow algae growth and insect populations.
  • Locality - Ideally water features should not be in close proximity to deciduous plants.
  • Fish - if the intention is to add fish specialized filters and circulation methods are required.


Our services include:

  • Water feature design.
  • Construction of custom features.
  • Installation of pre-fabricated features.
  • Supply & Installation of pumps & filters.