Pest & Disease Control

Pests & diseases in the garden can cause tremendous damage if left unchecked, sadly in most cases they are not correctly identified resulting in the application of products that are not effective.

The incorrect and reckless application of these products may also be harmful to the environment & beneficial organisms.

  • Products for pest control (insects) are called pesticides
  • Products for disease control (fungal in nature) are called fungicides
  • Products for disease control (bacterial in nature) are called bactericide

Below are some pests commonly found in South African gardens :

Below are some diseases commonly found in South African gardens :

Pests & Diseases can be controlled using Chemical or Organic products, a great deal of progress has been made in the research of organic and or biological control methods in recent years.

We have extensive experience in garden health and will be able to assist in keeping your garden as pest & disease free as possible by the application of the best product at the correct concentration, while ensuring to limit the loss of beneficial organisms as far as possible.

Our Services Include :

  • Once off treatment applications.
  • Specialized monthly applications.
  • Supply of Pest & Disease control products