Garden Nutrition

Plants and humans are more alike than most would like to admit, just like us they require a balanced "diet" consisting of a range of nutrients that all play an important role in the plants overall health, growth & production in the case of crops.

The nutritional requirements of plants are divided into two main groups namely:

  • Macro nutrients  -  of which plants required higher concentrations
  • Micro nutrients  -  of which plants required lower concentrations

Below are symptoms of nutritional deficiency in plants :

It is IMPORTANT to remember that over feeding may cause serious damage to delicate balance of nutrients in the soil. Exorbitantly high levels of any nutrient may cause soil toxicity which will cause plants to die, these toxic levels are extremely difficult to reverse and it is costly to do so.

Smaller balanced "feeds" are more effective than massive nutrient dumps every few months. We make use of a number of slow release products some lasting a much as 12 months.

Our Services Include : 

  • Once off treatment applications.
  • Specialized monthly applications.
  • Supply of nutrition products.