Why "Dragonfly" Clivia

I have always had a fascination with these insects, as a child I use to spend hours around the pool watching their graceful hovering motions & delicate fluttering wings. 

It is only when I took up Fly-Fishing that I learnt a great deal more about these extraordinary Insects.

They have been around since about 300 Million years ago having wingspans of as much as 65cm, just imagine what a sight that must have been.

Dragonflies are one of the indicator species of Environmental health and would only occur where there is still a sense of balance in nature.

They have one of the longest larval stages that I know of sometimes lasting as long as 5 years.

Lastly there is a certain calm one feels when fly-fishing that is not easily described, there is just something about the sound of your fly line in the wind, the smell of the forest & surrounds and the chill of the cold water through your wader.

  • The best feeling of all is releasing that stunning fish back so another angler can share in its beauty.
  • The association with Clivia based on:
  • Their sheer beauty, grace and delicacy.
  • Always taking nature into consideration when applying Pesticides and other chemicals sticking to biological options as far as possible.
  • As all Clivia enthusiasts will know when sowing seed it can take as much as 5 years for the seed (Larvae) to produce a flower (Dragonfly).
  • Growing Clivia not just for our own benefit but to share its beauty with others.



“Patience in Tandem with Nature”